Hold on Mama

Hold on Mama this will be a long ride, a life long rise and fall like the ocean tide.

Hold your heart with both hands, because sometimes you’ll feel it bursting from your chest.

That’s how intense the love you have is, never before have you felt this.

I love you too Mama even if I don’t know what love is yet, I felt safe in yourl arms from the first time we met.

There will be many firsts from now on, for us both, it’s an endless journey of growth.

The good and the easy will be what keeps you sane, but hold on Mama, nothing will ever be the same.

Hormones are hitting hard and fast, you are hoping that this won’t last.

It might not be the same as the start, although this isn’t the hardest part.

I feel your pain Mama, I feel it all, but I can’t help you, I’m so small.

You feel let down that no one spoke the truth, it’s all about fear of judgement at its roots.

That’s why you can make a change Mama and let others know, it’s ok to feel trapped, confused and so low.

Even with all those feelings you still do your best, you take a great care of me without a rest.

You question everything you do and you are always scared, just remember it’s normal to feel so unprepared.

Books, pemflets, videos and such, outdated advice, opinions and it’s all a bit too much.

To me Mama you are perfect, with all that you are, please don’t listen to the negative, you are doing great so far.

Your head is heavy and tired with no sleep, thoughts running through your mind are so deep.

Don’t listen to them to leave me to sleep on my own, I need you now Mama before I’m all grown.

I need your comfort, your voice, your heart beat, your smell, for nine months it was all I had and it’s what I know so well.

They say you need a village to raise a baby, it hurts so much, but you only have Daddy.

I know you feel lost Mama, I know you crave life before this, please be patient, these are moments that one day you will miss.

But this time it’s also about you, remind yourself that you are human too.

It’s ok to let it be, it’s ok to cry, you do so much for me so do this for you, at least try.

Block the outside voices and trust me when I say, Mama you got this, just focus on today.

You are choosing to parent gently, you’ve never been more right, it’s what I need right now, the benefits will come, so hold on tight.

Let the world pass us by, who cares what they think, we are in this together Mama we have the magic love link.

Yesterday was hard, today is long, but you found a happy step and you sang a song.

You’ve got this Mama, I knew you would be ok, and today is a brand new day.

You’ve helped me to learn, to eat, to crawl, to walk, it won’t be long before I talk.

I can’t wait to tell you all this and so much more, but mostly Mama I can’t wait to say “I love you”.

Even through all your pain, through all your tears, every day you make me smile and wipe my fears.

You are so brave and strong, you carry both Daddy and I through the days for so long.

When I smile you smile back, but Mama I copy your smiles as well.

I feel all your love, every minute of every day, I feel safe, warm and comfy lying on your chest.

You miss the world before me and I understand, but please remember Mama you ARE my whole world, my everything.

I have my reasons to choose you to be my Mama, trust me on that, this journey of ours makes me so excited.

Hold on ME Mama I’ll grow up before you know it, hold me now and let’s enjoy every moment.

Ilina Ills

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