To Me

Sharing this world with the love I see

Never thinking who I need to be

Looking for others to make me happy

Blind to my own responsibility.


Who I need to be for me, not for you or her or him

The one true belief of content to what I am

The true vision of future in my own skin

The past and the present on one page so thin.


You make me feel good and you stay

You make me feel bad and you go

I have the liberty to choose and I have been choosing right

Apart from one person in my sight.


I now stare at the mirror with sadness and I feel sad

A smile spreads across the face and I fell happiness

Is this it? Is this what I’ve missed to see

Feeling stupid as to what I have tried to be.


Trying to be best for you and her and him

But being nothing for me, myself and I

Being nothing to the only person that matters

Being nothing to the only person that loves me.


Being all to the world yet forgetting to be everything to me

Open the eyes and the morning is clear

Look at the person you cannot chose that is oh so dear

Feel that love inside the core, the core of all that it is.


My world is me and years of searching

Worth the wait to see the person staring back

The face I ignored each morning, the blue eyed look

Years of missed love that it took.


No words can speak of the feeling I feel

To which I surrender in full

Nothing holding back to feel the love

Love to me, love so beautiful.


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