I sit here and listen to the noise of the keyboard, I wish I could type faster. I sit here and listen to the sounds outside. There is a bird next to my window and it’s not making any noises. Just skips in small circles. I wonder what the bird is thinking, if it has any dilemmas or places to go and visit. What would it be like to be a bird. Here I am again with my fantasies and unrealistic world where everything is possible. Even there the problems don’t stop. But who cares about the problems?

We embark on new adventures every single day. From the moment we wake up to the time we close our eyes at night. So why not treat every day as a new adventure. The truth is we find ourselves in every moment in every situation. The human brain is a sponge that absorbs information constantly, even in our dreams we learn new things. One step different from our normal routine is way forward to something new. But why do we strive for new all the time?

Some questions I can’t answer now, maybe when I’m 40 or 50 years old I’ll have the knowledge to answer them. My parents always said to me ‘Listen carefully to anyone older then you’ when I asked why they simply said ‘They’ve seen the sun before you’. I argued then, but I understand now. ‘Practise makes perfect’. Life is one big practice run.

I sit here overwhelmed by plans and things I need to do. Work, University, travel, house, my writing needs, my eating needs, my living needs… But I wouldn’t change my life, I love my busy schedule I love my large social network and my big family. I love me.

Me is overwhelmed right now. Me is tired right now. Me needs a holiday right now. Me needs a life with no technology for a month. My brain needs to rest!

I drift. The sky was grey and I now see some sun rays are finding their way to shine on the grey concrete that is my driveway. It’s light and clean. The pebbles in the water feature underneath my window are shiny and I can see them peaking through my blind. The blinds in my house are always closed. No I don’t like the dark, I love the sunshine, but I like the shadows much more.


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