For a second too long

You came to me unexpectedly

Showing to be the best I’ve seen,

Now you walk away

Leaving me behind to stay,

In the place we called home.


I never thought I’ll see the day

When I don’t have you to say

Everything’s gonna be ok.


I know I pushed

but you should’ve stand stronger,

and now we both fall apart

the only broken heart

is the one we have put together.


Where will you go

When this is the only place that invites you,

Here you can cry and laugh

Play and sleep in the bed we made.


No one will ever care

As much as  you and I,

For the love we created

So true so real…

With no fear we dove into the deep.


I can only pull you out

If you give me your hand,

And when you stand again

I promise to never push away.


Don’t be afraid to ask for help

We are not made of stone,

I know how you feel, I’ve seen the darkness

I was alone

But you have me.


Your mistakes and my blindness

Can lead to a better us,

Believe in what you feel

But never give up on a second chance.


Now, at the end of our path

I can only say I’m sorry for everything,

But I’m not giving up on you

You are better than you think,

Will be my goal to make you see,

The person that I saw the day you held my hand

For a second too long.


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