Broken flower


Memories slid away

But I’m here to stay

So still like a stone

I let a painful moan.


I’m scared of the present

Away, far, I’m hiding

I can’t see, it hurts

It feels like I’m sliding.


Where has it gone?

Time does not wait

Is this all there is

I’ve lost my faith.


I can’t move, I’m so weak

This here it’s making me sick

Nothing left, no power

Swinging around like a broken flower.


I would never know

What it would be if I stayed?

How and Who and What

Would have been made?


Like million years ago

Nothing seems to go

When time was beautiful

Nothing seemed to fall.


Pictures, scenes

Memories as such

Long, long time from now

Nothing left, nothing much.


I can see very clearly

I can see it all,

In a tornado it moves

Moves around me and I fall.


Reaching out, a little kid

Mummy, Daddy I scream

Panting and sweating

I wake up, it was only a dream.


But I don’t want to dream

I want them here now

To feel safe to feel loved

Happiness, I don’t see it how.


Walking on the street

Walking around

Looking for something

Nothing to be found.


Emptiness fills me inside-out

“No more please” want to shout

All gone just about

Not even a cry can escape my mouth.




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