One day

I never liked going to school, always boring. I do like learning new things, but maybe without all the people there, the teachers are ok, some better than others, I like the ones that say I’m smart. Most of the students are no one I want to be friends with. The exception is Sonja. She keeps to herself and doesn’t ask too many stupid questions. She is very smart, always giving me advise and never pushing her opinions on me. Very mature for her age, which makes it easier for us to get along.
We are both sitting across from my parents now and she speaks to them with such respect yet so much authority in her voice.
          “With all due respect, Mina had no choice but to defend herself. This is not about what happened with Jake’s encounter.”
          “Yes well she is lucky that that young man’s parents aren’t coming here with a lawsuit, she got away quite easily with tutoring him for free for the rest of the year!” said my dad.
          “I agree. And considering Jake’s past troubles at school I don’t think they had much choice. However, Mina’s actions were excusable. Yesterday’s situation was different.” I could feel the change in Sonja’s voice, bringing it a notch down. She always did this when others would raise their voice. Without a fail every single time it worked.
          “How so?” asked dad.
She looked at me for permission. We didn’t need much to communicate without words.
          “It has been almost two months that those boys have been verbally attacking Mina for what she did to Jake. I think they are trying to prove their manhood. Jake isn’t their friend so I’m not sure what the drive is, other than having low emotional intelligence.” Oh how much I loved her for using big words. My dad raised his eyebrows. He was impressed as much as I was.
          “It was the last straw for Mina when one of them called her a Ladyboy and that he wouldn’t sleep with her even if she gave him million dollars.
          “That’s disgusting, unbelievable!” that was my mum.
Sonja continued, “Her response to call him, please excuse my language, Diskless Fuckwit, was given.’
          “Good! my mum almost shouted.
Dad looked at me with shock and somewhat with approval.
          “Anyway, as Mina was walking away he came behind her and grabbed her —ass” stammered Sonja.
          “He what!?” that was both of my parents.
          “I’m fine. They are just stupid boys and —I’m fine ok?” I didn’t know what else to say.
          “No Mina that isn’t ok.” said dad through clinched teeth.
          “That’s sexual harassment right there! The school is going to deal with this or I’ll deal with them!” my mum was on fire and that scares me.
          “I think we need to take into consideration that Mina dealt with the situation as she best knew and she protected herself. Maybe elbowing him in the face is not the best option for other people, but she had every right to use her knowledge of self-defense.”
          “You should have broken his face completely.” said mum and grabbed the phone.
          “Girls, we need to make a phone call to the school.” dad got up. “Sonja, thank you for being such a good friend to my daughter.”
          “You are welcome sir.’ Sonja smiled.
          “Oh God, I don’t know if this was good idea to tell them the truth”
          “They know how to deal with it babe.’ she assured me.
After this how was I going to tell my parents that I wanted to take up the offer from uncle Dan and train with him.
          “I’m planning to go back to the gym and train to fight.” I said to Sonja.
          “Great, so I have to verbally defend you while you make a mess for yourself?’ she wasn’t really asking.
          “You’ll always be doing that. My legal representative when I make it big.’ I laughed.
          “Here we go.” Rolling her eyes she got up to go. “I’ll see you tomorrow.”
          “See ya babe.” I walked her out.
I lie down on the couch thinking about all the times I cried when I was bullied. I was hurting again with each memory. It was time to change things around, to stop being nice. These situations changed me in many ways, I no longer craved the love from friends or doing everything for my classmates to like me. I didn’t feel great after elbowing that dickhead as some might think it feels. I just wanted them to stop and leave me fucken alone. I don’t get it how it makes them feel good to bully others, I just don’t understand it. I have memorized uncle Dan’s talks in the gym about respect and discipline and he wouldn’t be proud I used my Muay Thai skills to hurt someone on the street.
          “What’s in your head?’ Said mum, standing behind the couch
looking at me.
          “Nothing and everything.” I replied.
          “Don’t analyse to much. It’s not going to get you anywhere. We will talk about this tonight, just me and you.” She patted my head and left.
          Annoyed I said, “Don’t do that, I’m not a child.”
          “How else would you get out of that brain of yours that thinks to much.” mum laughed and left.
I closed my eyes and day dreamed. I imagined my victory in the ring, the walk out song, the ring ritual, the raise of my hand in the air and everything in between. One day Mina, one day.

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